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The COVID lockdown does strange things to people. In my case, it has allowed me to work down my to-do list towards the line that says Blog!

Started when I was teaching part-time for the Open University, between writing a PhD and visiting museums with a new baby in tow, it inevitably dropped off the list over the past decade.

This has seen me move first, to a full-time and full-on job as a curator at the Museum of Archaeology in Cambridge, and then to my current post at the Sainsbury Research Unit at UEA.

I have written quite a bit in that time, but sadly most of it has been in email form, and the rest has been focused on research publications, with the aim of getting an academic job, passing probation and getting promoted.

With those hurdles jumped, and with children who are older and less time consuming, I want to resurrect the blog as a way of writing in a slightly more immediate and reflective mode.

So here we go…